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Info sixième saison 22 janvier 2010

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L’info n’est pas officielle mais on devrait avoir une confirmation du renouvellement de la CW très bientôt!!

First it was Smallville, now Supernatural. A couple of days ago we reported that Smallville had been picked up for a tenth season. Industry sources in Vancouver provided CinemaSpy with the tip, indicating that while the official announcement has not yet been made, behind-the-scenes it’s all but a done-deal. Today we’ve been informed that Supernatural, too, has been confirmed with another season, in this case its sixth.

Sources: Full Article @ cinemaspy et SpoilerTV


Rumeur saison 6 13 janvier 2010

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Interview de Misha Collins 6 décembre 2009

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Attention, quelques spoilers!

Misha Collins parle de comment la mort de Jo et Ellen sera ressentie par les personnages, confirme que Jensen Ackles ne pourra pas diriger le tournage du 100ème épisode, avoue qu’il ne sait pas sous quelle forme apparaîtra Dieu, donne quelques spoilers sur un épisode à venir (certainement l’épisode 13 Back To The Future II), et nous donne un peu d’espoir concernant la saison 6!!!


Q&A: Supernatural’s renegade angel Castiel

The show’s just gone on hiatus with a very emotional episode. We heard rumors that somebody was going to die – were you ever worried it would be you?
« No I wasn’t because I’ve signed on for the year and if they killed me in the middle of the year it would be wasting a lot of money because they would still have to pay me! I think purely economic factors weighed in and assuaded my fears! »

How do the deaths affect the group?
« Castiel didn’t have a terribly close relationship with the people who died so he probably takes it in his stride a lot more than Sam and Dean. But I think for everybody it hits close to home that we are losing members of our inner circle and that’s quite sobering. »

We have the 100th episode coming up next year – any ideas what will happen?
« I have no idea! They send out a synopsis of the scripts that are coming up about three weeks in advance so that’s about as far reaching as my horizon goes. I don’t know how the season ends or what happens two months from now. All I know is that Warner Brothers is supposed to splurge for a big party so I’m expecting some good drinks! »

There have been rumors that Jensen could be directing the episode…
« I’ve heard that and I think it’s a lie. I think that rumour has been officially stamped out, but I may be wrong. I can’t imagine he would because a director has to do pre-production, which is a full-time job for a week, and then post-production which takes part of another week. He could direct an episode that he was in, set the cameras up and go stand on the other side, but for him not to be in the previous week or the following week is tough because he’s pretty much in everything! I think that’s the limiting factor that keeps him from directing. »

Would you like to try your hand at directing an episode?
« I would love to at some point but I definitely don’t think it’s in the horizon for this season. »

One thing fans are desperate to know is whether God will ever appear – what are your thoughts?
« I don’t know but I have heard rumors that God will appear. I have no idea what form God would take, whether they would just do a booming voice or whether they would do something else. They could cast any number of odd characters for the role of God. I’m lobbying for Miley Cyrus! »

Well you got Paris Hilton this season so it’s not impossible…
« Yes, that’s right! Paris Hilton could be recurring as God! That would be great! »

So you don’t know what’s coming up later in the season, but what can you tell us about your three-week horizon?
« Right now we’re working on an episode where we go back to 1978 and meet a young Mary and young John – the parents of Sam and Dean. It’s a pretty intense mythology episode where basically someone is travelling back in time to try to kill them and prevent Sam and Dean from being born, thereby heading off the apocalypse. We go back in time to try to save the parents so Sam and Dean live. »

What’s the situation about a possible sixth season as you know it?
« I think ‘knowing’ is a strong word in respect to season six! I don’t know anything but the rumors I hear are that it probably is going to happen. I know that Jensen and Jared’s contracts are for six years so they are contractually available for another year. From what I have heard on the grapevine it sounds like Eric [Kripke] will probably be around for another year but I’m not sure about that. »

Source: Digitalspy

Premiers spoilers de la saison 5!!! 12 juin 2009

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Woohoo!!!!! On apprend que Sam n’est PAS débarrassé de son addiction au sang de démon et que Sam et Dean auront un rôle important mais peut-être pas autant qu’on le pense. Ils seront plus lieutenants que généraux selon Jensen Ackles.

Latest from Kristin

Sam’s a blood-sucking fiend, Lucifer walks the earth and all hell is literally breaking loose. That’s the situation the Winchester brothers (and their friend Bobby) will face when Supernatural returns to the CW for season five this fall. Can the world be saved, and more importantly, will the boys survive with their skins (and their relationship) intact?

We just caught up with Jensen Ackles (that’s Dean himself, duh) at the Paley Center’s Sixth Annual Celebrity Golf Classic and got him to answer these very questions. Read on for the scoop on Sam and Dean’s role in the Apocalypse and the latest on those season-six rumors…

Jensen tells us that he imagines the boys have a crucial, but not necessarily pivotal, role to play in the war between heaven and hell. (Think of Jim Beaver’s Bobby and the Winchesters more as lieutenants and corporals than generals or field marshals.)

Jensen says he’s always wondered, « Are Dean and Sam (Jared Padalecki) really that important that they’re going to be the focal point of this apocalypse? Or are they just going to be caught in the crossfire, trying to use whatever they can to help fight for the good? I think it’s going to be more of this big, gigantic thing going on and we’re stuck in the middle. I don’t think we’re necessarily going to be the focal point of anybody’s hunt. We’re going to lend whatever help we can to Castiel (Misha Collins) and the angels to do their job. But what that is, I don’t know. »

As for poor Sam (by which, of course, we mean incredibly well-muscled, badass and awesome Sam), Jensen says that Sam’s blood-addiction will remain an issue next season: « The demon stuff is still coursing through his veins, and he’s got that to deal with. The season finale ended with the big, giant realization that he was being duped into becoming what he didn’t want to be. So now he’s got to deal with that and try to get back to neutral. »

Regarding a possible sixth season, Jensen clarified the swirling rumors a bit. He tells us, « That started over in England. Jared and I were over there doing a convention. Everything was being lined up that this was the final season. We basically just said that our contracts were for six years—whether they use us for the six years is completely up to them. As it looks right now, it won’t [happen]. It’s like, if there is, we’re going to be a part of it. I guess the studio’s fine with it. I think it’s just the network, you know? It’s their call. »

Principal photography on season five begins July 2.

Sources: SpoilerTV et E!Online

TVGuide à propos de la saison 6 3 juin 2009

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Bon… Rien de bien nouveau, toujours les mêmes incertitudes et aucune confirmation formelle mais bon…

I have heard the CW wants Supernatural to go on, but Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Eric Kripke want to leave after this season. And with Lucifer rising, it seems the show is near its end. Can you shed any light on things? — Morgan
MATT: Yes, CW boss Dawn Ostroff has indicated that she may « override » Kripke’s longtime plan to end Supernatural after five seasons. And while the series’ creator isn’t signed on beyond this season, its two leads are. In fact, Padalecki just told io9, « My best guess is that Supernatural will go beyond Season 5″ —possibly sans Kripke. Inconceivable, you say? Smallville minus original bosses Al Gough and Miles Millar, I say.

Source: TVGuide

Infos sur la saison 6 1 juin 2009

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Supernatural devrait avoir sa sixième saison! Hip hip hip… Hourraaaaaaa!

They confirmed that they had signed on the dotted line for season six.

I asked Jensen if he’d made plans for any movies after he wrapped filming on series five. To begin with, he was playing his cards close to his chest: « We find out around January time if the show is going to be picked up again for another season. »

But then he let it slip. I asked him if he’d want to go back for a sixth season and he answered: « I have to. I have a six-year contract. » Well, that settles that, then.

When Jared was asked what he planned to be doing after Supernatural Five, he simply answered: « Supernatural Six. My best guess is that Supernatural will go beyond season five. »

Jensen added: « Kripke does only have a five-year contract for Supernatural and the studio doesn’t have to carry it on for six seasons. »

Le reste de l’article, trop à copier sur le blog, se trouve ici!

Interview de Misha Collins 15 mai 2009

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PopWrap: Tonight’s season finale looks to be rather epic. Where do we find Castiel tonight?
Misha Collins: Well, he’s caught between a rock and a hard place. He’s being asked to do things that don’t really sit well with him. But it’s the ultimate test of his devotion to the heavens.

PW: Castiel has been something of a mystery all year long. Has he done anything that’s surprised even you?
Misha: Well, there was that time early on when he smirked — discovering any hints of humanity within him has been really interesting for me. And his see-sawing between being a good obedient solider and striking out on his own has given me a lot of fun stuff to play with.
PW: Was that smirk something that was written on the page or your idea?
Misha: I think that was a moment I brought to the scene … but my memory might not be serving me well, I could be plagiarizing.

 PW: That’s your right as an actor, steal the writer’s ideas!
Misha: That’s right! Not only was that my invention, but I also wrote the episode! [laughs]

PW: Coming into this role, how much did you know about who Castiel was?
Misha: Very little. I knew that there would be a good angel/bad angel vibe but I think with « Supernatural » there is a lot of danger in assuming that a character is going to be one thing — they’ll always turn out to be something else.

PW: Do you believe Castiel is good or bad?
Misha: I think at his core he’s good. And the rug hasn’t been totally pulled out from under me yet, so that’s a relief. But at the same time, I have not known much of anything, he could turn out to be evil at any point.

PW: True, it’s not like he reveals lots of personal info
Misha: Right. It’s all very abstract word of god info — dialogue that’s real easy to phone in! But it’s been cool to see this character, who initially seemed like a bit of a robot, with no emotions of feelings, become such a dynamic character with room for growth.

 PW: And he’s really been embraced by the show’s hardcore fans — which is good because genre fans can be a little nuts. Take it from one.
Misha: Um … I think a little nuts is an understatement.

PW: Some have even gone as far to say the addition of your character revitalized the show
Misha: That’s a huge compliment, so I’ll take it. In addition to writing and acting in all the episodes, I’m also single-handedly the ratings’ boost. The CW would have folded without me!

PW: Right, it was your idea to bring back « 90210 » and « Melrose Place » also, right?
Misha: Yeah, they didn’t like the ideas in the first few meetings, but eventually they came around!PW: Well, since you have such pull, can you convince everyone to keep the show going beyond next year?
Misha: Well, honestly, I’m not sure next year will be the last. I think that may have just made for a juicer story. My understanding is that Eric [Kripke, creator] originally pitched the show with a five-year plan and I think a lot of people took that to mean « only five years. » That’s not my understanding — if the story wraps up and everyone wants to walk away, alright. But from what I’ve heard from Eric, Jared [Padalecki] and Jensen [Ackles] is that they’re open to any possibilities.

PW: Plus, how bummed would you feel having joined three years in?
Misha: Honestly, I would feel jipped! If it were up to me, « Supernatural » would go on for much longer. But sadly it’s the only thing I’m not in charge of.

 PW: With all the focus on higher powers, I wonder if there will come a point when the show has to present its vision of what God looks like?
Misha: Honestly, I think that would be tricky to pull off well. God would probably be best left in the abstraction.

PW: Who would you cast?
Misha: Hmm, Morgan Freeman? I don’t think he’s the right God for us

PW: Yeah, he’s not nearly gritty enough — maybe Henry Rollins?
Misha: Maybe, or Miley Cyrus!

PW: Casting Miley Cyrus as God might be what brings about the Apocalypse you’ve been talking about all season.
Misha: [laughs] Right, even in the real world!

PW: You threw fans for a loop earlier this year when you played Manny Skerrit, a very bendy client on « Nip/Tuck. » How did that role come about?
Misha: Well, my agent called and asked, « Are you flexible? » And I really am. In high school we had these physical fitness tests and I was the most flexible boy in the history of my school! So it was a prerequisite for being hired and then I spent the next week hunched over in pain.

PW: So that was mostly all you?
Misha: Yup, not my proudest moment on film. I was actually gratified to know that my grandmother mistakenly taped Fox instead of FX that night, so she missed it.

 PW: Perhaps « gratified » isn’t the best wording?
Mischa: Oh my, good catch!

Source PopWrap

Interview de Misha Collins 6 mai 2009

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MovieWeb a interviewé Misha Collins. Pas vraiment de spoiler, juste queqlues réflexions et suppositions sur Castiel. Misha parle de la possibilité d’une saison 6 pour Supernatural! Ca redonne de l’espoir!

EXCLUSIVE: Misha Collins’ Castiel Is Set to Take Supernatural Season Four Out with a Bang!

Everyone’s favorite angel will help prevent Armageddon in the final two episodes of the season


Misha Collins plays the angel Castiel on the hugely popular CW series Supernatural. Responsible for retrieving Dean Winchester from the bowels of Hell, he was introduced at the beginning of season 4 and has gone on to help the Winchester brothers battle a wide array of both angels and demons. Castiel will play an important part in stopping the impending Apocalypse in the final two episodes of the year. In When the Levee Breaks, which airs this Thursday, Dean must seek out Castiel’s help in curbing Sam’s demon blood addiction. And then, in the season four finale Lucifer Rising, which airs on May 14th, Castiel must help Sam and Dean stop the dreaded fallen angel from destroying humanity. We recently caught up with Misha to talk with him about these two episodes, as well as the future of the show. Here is our conversation:

The Rapture was such a big episode for Castiel. At the end, we see him break his emotional ties with Dean. And he sets himself back on a path to follow the original orders from above. Does this mean we are about to see Castiel become more of a hard ass with the brothers?

Misha Collins: Yes. I think so. We are going to see Castiel become more of a hard ass in the next episode. Certainly. And that continues through the finale as well. Basically, Castiel got his ass kicked when he got taken back to heaven. He was forced to tow the party line again. I don’t know if he was brainwashed or indoctrinated. I don’t know what happened, exactly. But he came back, and he is definitely going to Castiel up these last few episodes of the season. He is forcing himself to leave his feelings and empathy with Dean and Sam aside, and just serve to follow the orders of heaven. At the same time, I think he is the same angle. I don’t think he has changed to his very core. He hasn’t been turned into a robot altogether.

With Sam going so far over to the dark side, do you think Castiel is going to step in and help Sam? Or do you think its just going to be an « Angels versus Sam » plotline?

Misha Collins: I don’t know where this story is going to go. Seeing historically how Eric Kripke has molded and shaped the story, it seems that he likes to play with extremes and opposites. Pushing Sam’s character, who used to be the good and pure, innocent, almost dull-eyed of the two brothers from the very beginning, into dealing with demons as much as possible is the most interesting arc for the Sam character. As far as I am concerned, and as far as Jared Padalecki is concerned as well. It allows him to explore a different spectrum of his own psyche. My own gut instinct is that they will never let him go too far. Because we have all grown to really love that character. I can’t imagine not having some sort of redemption for him. But again, I have no idea. No one has talked to me about it. I have no insight other than my own wishes on how I’d like to see it go.

Copy that. For the season finale, it is called Lucifer Rising. Can you talk about how Castiel fits into the plot?

Misha Collins: The finale is all about Sam and Dean doing everything possible to keep the final seal from being broken. Castiel is going to be right in there, involved in that process. Without ruining it, I don’t think I can tell you much more than that.

With so much drama happening within the circle of angels themselves, who do you think Castiel is taking orders from at this point?

Misha Collins: I think Castiel is taking orders from Zachariah, whom we have met. And other angels that are higher up on the angelic hierarchy than him. I think that Castiel still has some conflict about it internally. I think he is being a good little soldier now, and that he is following those orders.

With Sam and Dean’s father having been placed in Hell a few seasons back, and knowing that Castiel is the only one who can bring people out, do you think he will go into Hell and get John Winchester and bring him back?

Misha Collins: I don’t know about that. I haven’t talked to anyone about extricating John from Hell. Sorry. Jeffery Dean Morgan has become such a big movie star, I think it would be very expensive to bring him back from Hell.

I hear that!

Misha Collins: But then again, who knows?

Do you know what is being planned for your character in season five?

Misha Collins: I don’t know. The writers just got back into the writer’s room yesterday. And I think they are just now starting to hash out what happens with season five. I am going to be in season five. But I don’t know to what capacity. Or what my role is going to be. Yeah. I have no idea. I don’t even know if Eric knows where he is planning on taking this. I know he leaves a little room for creative latitude, and letting things evolve. But I don’t know much.

What do you know!

Misha Collins: I am a frustrating interviewee, huh? I’m like Ronald Reagan. I don’t remember and I don’t recall.

What have you heard about season five being the last season?

Misha Collins: I have heard rumblings here and there. But I have also heard that its, by no stretch of the imagination, true. Or a done deal. Or that anyone actually knows that. I think there are a lot of rumors going on. I talked to Jared and Jensen about it when we were in Australia. Basically, they said that when the show was conceived, Eric Kripe had to prove to the network that he could give them at least five years worth of a show. He told them, « I have this much of a story idea. And it will last for five years. What do you think? » And they said, « Great. You can definitely sustain that for five years. » Along that line, I think there has been some confusion. Some things have been taken out of context. It has been turned into, « It’s only five years, and its definitely ending at that point. » Nobody I have talked to has said that is the case. I think Jared and Jensen have contracts that don’t expire until season six. I don’t see any reason why it would all have to end with season five. But I am not sitting in the captain’s chair on this.

If it did come to an end, how would you like to see your character go out?

Misha Collins: Maybe with seventy virgins.

Source MovieWeb

EW Magazine Scans 4 avril 2009

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 Cliquez ici pour voir les scans.

Résumé d’une interview de Sera Gamble 12 mars 2009

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Voici le résumé et les points importants d’une interview de Sera Gamble, une des scénaristes de la série.

* There are « elements of mythology that are woven into the next two episodes, » said Gable, who added that the episodes are « not quite » a two-parter, but there are story threads that tie the them together.
* If you want to know what kind of car Dean’s driving in the March 26 episode, « It’s a Terrible Life, » that tidbit is below in the transcript. By the way, Gamble praised the work of guest star Kurt Fuller, the ubiquitous TV character actor who plays Dean’s boss in the episode.
* Fans who’ve been wanting more Sam-centered episodes will get their wish. « There’s a lot of really intense Sam stuff coming. Fans should be careful what they wish for. The Sam stuff — it’s not the sweet Sam from Stanford. I think Sam is going through the hardest stuff of his entire life. »
* An episode later in the season will give viewers more information about the history of Castiel. « We talk about the character in the writers room, and we decided it was kind of time to go there, and ask some of the big questions about where his story comes from, » Gamble said.
* Fans shouldn’t worry too much about an upcoming episode titled « Jump the Shark, » which may (or may not) introduce a third Winchester brother. « We are aware of the fact that introducing new family members in an advanced season of a show is an idea that …has a lot of pitfalls. And then having that person tag along in the back of the Impala is probably something the fans wouldn’t respond to positively, » Gamble said. « I just hope the fans have a little faith in [creator] Eric [Kripke] about that. … It’s a good episode. But it’s not the episode that’s going to alter the formula of ‘Supernatural’ forever. »
* We’ll see Lilith before the season is over, and not necessarily as a child.
* We’ll find out more about Ruby and how she fits into what’s going on with Sam. We’ll also see Pamela the psychic, Tessa the Reaper and, of course, Bobby.
* We’ll see the Winchesters’ mother again before the season’s done, although Gamble wouldn’t give any details about the appearance of Mary (Samantha Smith).
* As for Dean, « we will come to know the full extent of the angel’s plan for Dean, the clockwork of everything that’s been happening since Dean was pulled from Hell. »
* As for a sixth season, Gamble had no idea if that could happen. « Everyone is talking about it as if it’s five years. I don’t really know. It’s sort of a question for people wearing suits and ties. »

Si vous voulez lire l’interview complète elle se trouve sur ce site.

Source SpoilerTV