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Interview de Jensen Ackles à propos des saisons 4 et 5 18 juin 2009

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CW Source a interviewé Jensen Ackles lors d’un tournoi de golf. Il nous parle de la saison 4 et de ce qu’il aimerait voir pendant la saison 5!

Supernatural Exclusive: Jensen Ackles on the Season Finale and What He Wants Next!

We ran into Supernatural‘s Jensen Ackles on the golf course (his preferred habitat!) and couldn’t resist asking him about the finale… and what comes next! Check out what he has to say about the brothers reunited and what he wants us to see come Sept. 10:

Source: CW Source


Interview de Jensen Ackles et Jared Padalecki 12 juin 2009

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Les deux acteurs parlent de la saison 4 et révèlent quelque spetits secrets de tournages. Mais aucun spoiler sur la saison 5!

Firstly, since Jensen got up on stage at the beginning of the event to warn everyone that his injured eye (as you can in the image on the right) was the result of Lasik (laser-assisted) surgery and not because Jared had thumped him, it made sense for me to ask him later: The Winchester brothers have had a lot more fighting this season, especially with each other – we know these scenes are carefully choreographed, but have you ever…connected?

« Oh yeah! » he says, laughing. « It’s one of those things where it’s such a detailed dance essentially if you make a wrong step it can be bad. » Jared adds: « You get an adrenaline rush when you’re doing a fight scene and it’s like… Cool! »

Jensen recalls: « In Monster Movie with Dracula, he was supposed to be elbowing me in the face and after the first couple of times it connected. I’m pretty sure it’s on the gag reel. There he is, doing his Dracula voice (the actor, Todd Stashwick) ‘I vant to suck your blooood’ kind of thing and then he pops me one – and he says, ‘Oh man, you OK?’ There was some real blood you know! »

Speaking of monster movies, Jared was asked if there was anything that really spooked him or other members of the cast on set.

« You end up being super-aware of all the things around you – cameras, crew and things. I can get scary for some of the kids involved because an episode such as Hell House has a lot of monsters in prosthetics wandering around set. »

« The only thing I get scared of is when I get tied up. In Jump the Shark I’m tied up and when that happens you feel very vulnerable. I guess it makes you act better by default because you’re already uncomfortable. And sure, the crew play pranks and walk away. »

Nor did he enjoy being tied up in a magic set for the episode, Chris Angel is a Douchebag. « They had a real magic trick with supposedly real swords. Of course they’re not real but they are hard and they could have cut me if it went wrong. But again I was tied up and it’s still scary. »

Famous for pulling pranks with Jensen on other cast and crew members, Jared particularly enjoyed Sam’s demonic moments because he got to wear the black eyes. « Once they were in, I didn’t want to take them out again until we were done so I’d walk up to somebody and they’re all, ‘hey, how you doin », until they notice and then they go ‘Oh My GOD!’ I just walk around and have a good time. »

He does admit that there was one scene he just couldn’t go through with: « In Yellow Fever there’s a 20ft python. In the beginning I held it up and even took a picture with it. But when it came to filming it when Jensen and I were supposed to be sitting on a couch together and it slithers over, I just went – GAAAAAH! I had to escape. At first it’s Dean and Sam on the couch and it’s supposed to scare Dean, but they ended up having to change the scene to just Dean. I just couldn’t sit there. »

So from bees and spiders in Season one’s bugs episode, to a 20ft python in Season Four’s Yellow Fever, there really is no situation that Jared won’t put himself in for the sake of his art. But is there anything that would hold Jensen back?

« Not much! » But for the notoriously cool Dean, it’s deeply uncool clothes rather than scary situations (Yellow Fever excepted!) that provide the challenge. In particular he cringes slightly at the thought of Monster Movie and being tied up in those delightful lederhosen. « Yes they were real lederhosen. Bob Singer directed that episode and he comes up with a lot of the funny stuff. »

Singer was the one who allowed the Eye of the Tiger blooper from Yellow Fever to run and run. It has entered into You Tube legend and Jensen pulls off what can only be described as some mighty fine leg guitar.

« Mostly I try and take it over the top. Like with the gym coach in After School Special. I wasn’t supposed to have the headband or such tight shorts. But, I said if we’re going to do this, we’re going to go all the way… »

Jensen relates a moment in the same episode where he somewhat aggressively takes a schoolkid out with a basketball: « I asked if there were any volunteers to take a hit in the stomach from me and a few hands shot up. Naturally, I picked the scrawniest kid I could find. I did ask if he was OK with it and if he wanted me to give him a practice shot to see what it felt like, but he was like ‘Nah!’. So I said, OK, I’m going to throw this hard, you could go down… I took his legs clean out from under him! »

Finally, it can’t have escaped your notice that the Winchester lads are more than physically up to the task. It’s common knowledge that Jared is something of a fitness fanatic and regularly lifts weights and runs with his dogs. But, he claims, Jensen is nowhere near as dedicated. Combine this with the fact that one of Dean’s ‘things’ is that he’s always eating, so it exercises the female mind – just how does he stay so, ahem, fit?

« Early on, they had me chew something so I took it and thought, I can make something of this. The directors and writers liked it and so they made me eat more! I’ve got a very good relationship with the props people who prepare the food for me. They cook a whole batch of hamburgers up for just one scene – it’s take after take after take so they’ve probably got about 30 of them lined up.

« Depending on the scene there are half a dozen shots and three or four takes per shot. Sometimes I’ll take a bite and just chew throughout the scene so that when they yell cut, I can just spit the whole thing out. »

Damn, I knew I was going wrong somewhere…

Source: Conventrytelegraph

Review de la saison 4 29 mai 2009

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Comme il n’y aucune actu sur la série en ce moment, je poste une review de la saison 4 du site IGN.com.

L’auteur de l’article donne une note de 9,3/10!!! C’est excellent!

Supernatural: Season 4 Review

This season Supernatural went epic.
by Diana Steenbergen
US, May 22, 2009Supernatural, the underrated gem on The CW, kicked it up a notch in Season 4, going from being a pretty good show to being a pretty great show. The show was ambitious with their introduction of angels into the storyline and it paid off, for the most part.

From the moment the season began, with Dean clawing his way out of his grave in the season opener, « Lazarus Rising, » the angels vs. demons storyline took center stage. Central to this was the addition of Misha Collins to the cast as Castiel, the angel who pulled Dean out of hell on God’s orders. I thoroughly enjoyed his introduction to the show and I also loved how Collins played Castiel from the start as if he were confused by a lot of what he saw of human behavior, and with Dean specifically. Watching Dean and Castiel interact was one of the highlights of the season. There were some down moments in the angel storyline, specifically how disappointing the once promising character of Julie McNiven’s Anna turned out to be in « Heaven and Hell, » but by and large, this direction for the show was a great success.

The core of Supernatural has always been the relationship between Dean and Sam, and this season was no exception. During the year the show took some big chances by creating serious conflict between the brothers, conflict that brewed for the majority of the season. After years of solidifying the bond between the two Winchesters, the slow-building distance between them was well executed, and while it might be painful for the audience to watch them fight, it makes for great drama.

Jared Padalecki rose to the occasion with Sam’s journey into darkness, turning in some of his best performances to date. Especially well played was how conflicted Sam was between what he thinks he must do verses what his brother believes should happen. I also loved his reaction to seeing Dean for the first time in « Lazarus Rising. » That moment is one of my favorite scenes of the series so far. Jensen Ackles, meanwhile, was given a piece of the mythology pie this season, becoming a « chosen » character in the battle of good vs. evil, something only Sam had experienced prior to this. Ackles takes every opportunity that is given to him to deepen the character of Dean. While Sam’s path leads him to increasingly dark places, Dean’s is a journey of faith, somewhat unexpected for his character, but done believably mainly through his relationship with Castiel.
Not all of the episodes were high drama, thankfully. Some of the best comedy moments in the show’s history were in season four and they were welcome respites from the scares and horror of the more typical monster of the week episodes. My favorites were the life-size teddy bear in « Wishful Thinking, » the lederhosen scene in « Monster Movie » and nearly every moment of « The Monster at the End of This Book » including the introduction of the very entertaining Rob Benedict as Chuck. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have excellent comic timing and the more chances they have to explore this side of things the better.

While Supernatural may have started out as a type of X-Files-lite in its first season, it has increasingly proven that there is nothing light about the story they are telling. A solid foundation was built from the beginning, emotionally connecting the Winchester family to the monsters they hunt, and season four develops things further, taking elements of the backstory that the audience may have thought they knew and expanding them in new and surprising ways. This is best exemplified with Dean being sent back in time to meet his parents in the episode « In The Beginning. » That story forever changed the way we view the Winchester family, but at the same time everything fits neatly into the previous backstory.

Jim Beaver as Bobby provided his usual outstanding backup to the main cast. His father figure has become an essential piece of the Winchester family. His reunion with Dean in « Lazarus Rising » is nearly as emotional as Sam’s. Less successful was the casting of Genevieve Cortese as the new Ruby. She was acceptable for the most part, but when things got more serious in the end she seemed out of her depth in the acting department, it is sad to say.

While there were some ineffective moments in the season, overall season four of Supernatural more than achieved the goal of expanding the story into larger and more exciting directions. With the cliffhanger they left us at the end, I’m very much looking forward to where they are going to take us next season.

Source: IGN.com

Interview de Misha Collins 15 mai 2009

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PopWrap: Tonight’s season finale looks to be rather epic. Where do we find Castiel tonight?
Misha Collins: Well, he’s caught between a rock and a hard place. He’s being asked to do things that don’t really sit well with him. But it’s the ultimate test of his devotion to the heavens.

PW: Castiel has been something of a mystery all year long. Has he done anything that’s surprised even you?
Misha: Well, there was that time early on when he smirked — discovering any hints of humanity within him has been really interesting for me. And his see-sawing between being a good obedient solider and striking out on his own has given me a lot of fun stuff to play with.
PW: Was that smirk something that was written on the page or your idea?
Misha: I think that was a moment I brought to the scene … but my memory might not be serving me well, I could be plagiarizing.

 PW: That’s your right as an actor, steal the writer’s ideas!
Misha: That’s right! Not only was that my invention, but I also wrote the episode! [laughs]

PW: Coming into this role, how much did you know about who Castiel was?
Misha: Very little. I knew that there would be a good angel/bad angel vibe but I think with « Supernatural » there is a lot of danger in assuming that a character is going to be one thing — they’ll always turn out to be something else.

PW: Do you believe Castiel is good or bad?
Misha: I think at his core he’s good. And the rug hasn’t been totally pulled out from under me yet, so that’s a relief. But at the same time, I have not known much of anything, he could turn out to be evil at any point.

PW: True, it’s not like he reveals lots of personal info
Misha: Right. It’s all very abstract word of god info — dialogue that’s real easy to phone in! But it’s been cool to see this character, who initially seemed like a bit of a robot, with no emotions of feelings, become such a dynamic character with room for growth.

 PW: And he’s really been embraced by the show’s hardcore fans — which is good because genre fans can be a little nuts. Take it from one.
Misha: Um … I think a little nuts is an understatement.

PW: Some have even gone as far to say the addition of your character revitalized the show
Misha: That’s a huge compliment, so I’ll take it. In addition to writing and acting in all the episodes, I’m also single-handedly the ratings’ boost. The CW would have folded without me!

PW: Right, it was your idea to bring back « 90210 » and « Melrose Place » also, right?
Misha: Yeah, they didn’t like the ideas in the first few meetings, but eventually they came around!PW: Well, since you have such pull, can you convince everyone to keep the show going beyond next year?
Misha: Well, honestly, I’m not sure next year will be the last. I think that may have just made for a juicer story. My understanding is that Eric [Kripke, creator] originally pitched the show with a five-year plan and I think a lot of people took that to mean « only five years. » That’s not my understanding — if the story wraps up and everyone wants to walk away, alright. But from what I’ve heard from Eric, Jared [Padalecki] and Jensen [Ackles] is that they’re open to any possibilities.

PW: Plus, how bummed would you feel having joined three years in?
Misha: Honestly, I would feel jipped! If it were up to me, « Supernatural » would go on for much longer. But sadly it’s the only thing I’m not in charge of.

 PW: With all the focus on higher powers, I wonder if there will come a point when the show has to present its vision of what God looks like?
Misha: Honestly, I think that would be tricky to pull off well. God would probably be best left in the abstraction.

PW: Who would you cast?
Misha: Hmm, Morgan Freeman? I don’t think he’s the right God for us

PW: Yeah, he’s not nearly gritty enough — maybe Henry Rollins?
Misha: Maybe, or Miley Cyrus!

PW: Casting Miley Cyrus as God might be what brings about the Apocalypse you’ve been talking about all season.
Misha: [laughs] Right, even in the real world!

PW: You threw fans for a loop earlier this year when you played Manny Skerrit, a very bendy client on « Nip/Tuck. » How did that role come about?
Misha: Well, my agent called and asked, « Are you flexible? » And I really am. In high school we had these physical fitness tests and I was the most flexible boy in the history of my school! So it was a prerequisite for being hired and then I spent the next week hunched over in pain.

PW: So that was mostly all you?
Misha: Yup, not my proudest moment on film. I was actually gratified to know that my grandmother mistakenly taped Fox instead of FX that night, so she missed it.

 PW: Perhaps « gratified » isn’t the best wording?
Mischa: Oh my, good catch!

Source PopWrap

Spoiler TRES vague 11 mai 2009

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On a déjà eu des spoilers très imprécis mais là je crois qu’on a touché le fond!
C’est une liste de faits qui vont se produire pendant les derniers épisodes des séries aux USA, dont Supernatural. Le problème… C’est que tout est regroupé et on ne peut que deviner qu’est-ce qui correspond à quoi! (en gros c’est un bordel incompréhensible!)
Si vous voulez vous amuser à trouver ce qui va ensemble,
c’est par ici!!

Troisème trailer épisode 422 Lucifer Rising 9 mai 2009

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Clips de l’épisode 422 Lucifer Rising 8 mai 2009

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Sam et Ruby:

Dean et Bobby:

Dean, Zachariah et Castiel:

Trailer épisode 422 Lucifer Rising 8 mai 2009

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Sam? Un démon???? Quelqu’un pourrait le démonifier??? C’est urgent je crois!

Encore une interview de Misha 7 mai 2009

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Décidément il est bavard celui-là! Encore une fois, pas vraiment de spoilers, juste quelques suppositions et réflexions sur Castiel.

First of all, I just want to say how brilliantly you played both Jimmy and Castiel last week. Was that difficult trying to portray two people who are so different from each other?
MC: Well, you know, I think it made it easier that they were so different. I think that if Castiel and Jimmy had been similar characters, it would have been a lot harder to flesh out. Just from the writing [of the episode], it was so clear that they were not at all alike, so that made it easier to make a distinction [between the two] and create a different character. More than anything, it was kind of fun [playing two people]. You don’t get to do that very often. You get to play two sides of one character, but not two sides of two characters. In the flashbacks, I got to play the old Jimmy and the new Jimmy, and the old Castiel and the new Castiel. It was a lot to work with. It certainly kept me busy for the eight days of shooting.

You are one of the few cast members that is already confirmed to be coming back next year. Have they discussed what kind of role Cas or Jimmy might play in season five?
If they have talked about it, they haven’t talked about it with me! So, I don’t know. But I do know that I am going to be back. I just don’t know what my role is going to be. I have a suspicion it’s going to be Castiel and not Jimmy though.

The last episode seemed to indicate that Jimmy was giving himself over to Castiel for good. Is Jimmy gone forever?
I wouldn’t even want to hazard a guess. It seems on « Supernatural, » it doesn’t matter how dead or gone you think someone is, there’s always a chance that they come back. So, I’m sure that holds true for Jimmy as well.

It’s probably best that Castiel will have control over Jimmy’s body since the apocalypse is coming. What can you tell us about these last two episodes?
There’s a lot going on between Sam and Dean. Sam is going through the DTs. He’s been locked up by Bobby and Dean, and they are sort of forcing him to go cold turkey [off of the demon blood]. And not having the demon blood is putting Sam through some serious withdrawal, so he’s not happy with Dean. And that’s driving a bit of a wedge between the two brothers in the next two episodes. That’s putting it mildly. It’s more than a wedge. And then the final battle is boiling down to the final seal and Sam and Dean trying to prevent it from breaking. That’s what they’re after in the end. Beyond that, I don’t know what I should say.

Can you talk about where Castiel fits in with everything? It seems like he’d be vital in trying to prevent the seal from being broken. 
I wish I could tell you [where he fits in], but I can’t. I can’t think of anything to say without giving away too much. He’s going to be there. I can tell you that. But that’s not a very good spoiler, is it?

Well, at least we know he’ll be there, and hopefully he can assist the boys. Since Sam is dealing with the demon blood addiction, is there any chance we’ll see Cas interacting more with him in the future? 
I think that’s entirely possible. I don’t really know what’s going on in the future. [But] this season, the next couple of episodes, the relationship [that] is going to be more played out  [is the one between] Sam and Dean. What happens next season is anyone’s guess. I think it would be interesting to explore [the Sam and Castiel] relationship more. 

It would be nice, since Sam was the one who always believed in things like angels, while Dean didn’t. 
Yeah. It’s interesting the arc they chose to take with the two brothers because Dean was clearly, well, I don’t know about atheist, but certainly the more agnostic of the two. And for him to be the one who’s primarily interacting with the angels and for the more devout one [to have taken the route Sam did], it’s interesting. And I think it’s more interesting to have the believer be [drinking demon blood]. It just pushes them both. And for the same reason, I think that, as Sam is wrestling with the demon qualities, it’ll be more interesting for him to have interaction with Castiel, the angel, next season.

That influence would be especially important now that Castiel is back in Jimmy’s body and he seems to be back to following the angel rules. Is that correct to assume that Cas has changed back and is no longer questioning authority? 
Yeah, that’s definitely what’s] going on with him. My own personal take on what happened [when Castiel left Jimmy’s body] is he was somehow tortured or very seriously rebuked and threatened when he was up in Heaven, and he now is towing the party line again. But I think that he still has some internal conflict about it, I don’t think he’s ever going to be the perfect little soldier [again], and he hasn’t been turned into a [robot] totally. So he still has a lot of the same thoughts that he used to have [before he disappeared], but he’s definitely back to being a good little soldier.

Is there any chance we might get some kind of indication on the show what happened, like a comment or a flashback of sorts?
I don’t know how they would do that, because Castiel — outside of Jimmy’s body — would be an angel, and we know that angels can’t be seen by human beings without their eyes being burned out. So if they did show that, they would have to burn out the entire viewing audience’s eyes. Which I think would be some sort of liability for the CW.

Not to mention that “Supernatural”’s viewership might take a serious hit.
Exactly. Unless they were starting to make a shift to a purely audio version of the show, like a radio play. In which case, it might actually be a good move because it would save a bundle on production costs.

All the fans could just listen to “Supernatural” on their iPod.

MC: Exactly. [Laughs] I don’t know why I’m not a network executive. These are good ideas!

Source Zap2it

Interview de Misha Collins 7 mai 2009

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BuddyTV a interviewé Misha à propos de Castiel et de l’épisode The Rapture. Allez sur cette page pour voter pour votre épisode préféré où Misha a participé et aussi pour écouté l’enregistrement de l’interview.

‘Supernatural’ Interview: Misha Collins Talks Heavenly Torture and Summer Plans

Hi, this is John from BuddyTV and I’m talking to Misha Collins from Supernatural. How’s it going?


You just had the big episode – the big Castiel episode – « The Rapture. » What was it like getting to play a different character and explore Castiel’s back story?

It was great! It was great to get out of the trench coat for a few hours. Yeah. It was fun to play someone who actually had some emotions and interacted on a more human level for a change.

Did it help to inform anything about how you had been playing the character?

No, I don’t think so. I wish I could say « Yes! Yes, it’s all very clear to me now and I’m completely satisfied. » No. I feel like the Jimmy backstory actually – by some miracle – was something like I kind of had imagined the backstory to be – that Castiel had inhabited the vessel of a willing participant somehow, and he’d been pious and maybe a little bit of a zealot, which I think was true of Jimmy. Moving forward I think it makes it kind of complicated. Because moving forward, now I know that Jimmy is still somehow trapped inside of Castiel, and that there’s another pair of eyes watching everything from inside. That’s going to be really interesting.

We also saw Castiel take a few steps back when he came back, then. How do you feel about Castiel going back to that hard line?

I think that it gives him a lot of room to grow, which is good. I think that it ups the stakes for Castiel. It is really important for him to follow the orders of his heavenly commanders. He had been straying from the party line a bit. Now he’s back in order and I think that if he’s going to help Sam or Dean in the future it’s going to make those decisions that much more difficult. So I think it ups the stakes for him and it probably puts some distance between him and the boys. Yeah, we’ll see. We’ll see how it plays out.

It seemed watching it that Castiel is [take the party line] but he still doesn’t quite go along with that.

It’s not like he went upstairs and was lobotomizes and now he’s a totally different personality. I think he went up to heaven and he was tortured, and he was indoctrinated and now he’s back on board. But he’s still the same angel. So he’s not inherently a totally different being at this point.

Is the idea that there’s torture in Heaven something that you’ve discussed? Or is that something that you’re trying to read into it?

That is something that I am reading into it.

So you’re not really sure exactly how Heaven ‘is’ in this Supernatural world?

No, I mean, it hasn’t been any more clearly defined for me than it has for anyone else. I just operate with my imagination. But it seems like the clues kind of line up there – the way Anna talked about it being a very, very bad thing to be dragged back upstairs. The intensity with which she said that made it sound like something bad was happening to Castiel. Earlier in the season disobedience was likened in the dialogue with murder one on Earth. So it’s clear that it is hierarchical and that there are rules that are not to be broken, and there are consequences if they are. Now what those consequences are, what angelic torture looks like if it happens, I don’t know. I imagine it’s not all friendly up there on the clouds.

Yeah. We also asked some of the Supernatural fans following us on Twitter what they’d like to know. We saw the difference in the voice and the mannerisms between Castiel and Jimmy, and listening to you it sounds like Jimmy is more you. So Angie wants to know how you put on that gruff Castiel voice. Is that at all straining for you?

It’s not terribly straining. So far I’ve been able to endure. I think that my real voice is probably somewhere between the two. I pushed it to a more boyish kind of sound with Jimmy to make the contrast stronger. I made the decision early on to go with a gruff, resonant voice because it says in the first script that Castiel’s real voice was blowing out windows. And so I thought ‘Oh, okay, so he should have a very deep, serious voice.’ The character has lasted for much longer than I expected.

Do you have any plans for the summer hiatus off the show until next season starts?

Yes. I am going to go on a long bike touring trip. I am going to go to a convention in Birmingham. And I am going to go up to Vancouver and rent a house up there for next season.

Source BuddyTV