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Encore une interview de Misha 7 mai 2009

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Décidément il est bavard celui-là! Encore une fois, pas vraiment de spoilers, juste quelques suppositions et réflexions sur Castiel.

First of all, I just want to say how brilliantly you played both Jimmy and Castiel last week. Was that difficult trying to portray two people who are so different from each other?
MC: Well, you know, I think it made it easier that they were so different. I think that if Castiel and Jimmy had been similar characters, it would have been a lot harder to flesh out. Just from the writing [of the episode], it was so clear that they were not at all alike, so that made it easier to make a distinction [between the two] and create a different character. More than anything, it was kind of fun [playing two people]. You don’t get to do that very often. You get to play two sides of one character, but not two sides of two characters. In the flashbacks, I got to play the old Jimmy and the new Jimmy, and the old Castiel and the new Castiel. It was a lot to work with. It certainly kept me busy for the eight days of shooting.

You are one of the few cast members that is already confirmed to be coming back next year. Have they discussed what kind of role Cas or Jimmy might play in season five?
If they have talked about it, they haven’t talked about it with me! So, I don’t know. But I do know that I am going to be back. I just don’t know what my role is going to be. I have a suspicion it’s going to be Castiel and not Jimmy though.

The last episode seemed to indicate that Jimmy was giving himself over to Castiel for good. Is Jimmy gone forever?
I wouldn’t even want to hazard a guess. It seems on « Supernatural, » it doesn’t matter how dead or gone you think someone is, there’s always a chance that they come back. So, I’m sure that holds true for Jimmy as well.

It’s probably best that Castiel will have control over Jimmy’s body since the apocalypse is coming. What can you tell us about these last two episodes?
There’s a lot going on between Sam and Dean. Sam is going through the DTs. He’s been locked up by Bobby and Dean, and they are sort of forcing him to go cold turkey [off of the demon blood]. And not having the demon blood is putting Sam through some serious withdrawal, so he’s not happy with Dean. And that’s driving a bit of a wedge between the two brothers in the next two episodes. That’s putting it mildly. It’s more than a wedge. And then the final battle is boiling down to the final seal and Sam and Dean trying to prevent it from breaking. That’s what they’re after in the end. Beyond that, I don’t know what I should say.

Can you talk about where Castiel fits in with everything? It seems like he’d be vital in trying to prevent the seal from being broken. 
I wish I could tell you [where he fits in], but I can’t. I can’t think of anything to say without giving away too much. He’s going to be there. I can tell you that. But that’s not a very good spoiler, is it?

Well, at least we know he’ll be there, and hopefully he can assist the boys. Since Sam is dealing with the demon blood addiction, is there any chance we’ll see Cas interacting more with him in the future? 
I think that’s entirely possible. I don’t really know what’s going on in the future. [But] this season, the next couple of episodes, the relationship [that] is going to be more played out  [is the one between] Sam and Dean. What happens next season is anyone’s guess. I think it would be interesting to explore [the Sam and Castiel] relationship more. 

It would be nice, since Sam was the one who always believed in things like angels, while Dean didn’t. 
Yeah. It’s interesting the arc they chose to take with the two brothers because Dean was clearly, well, I don’t know about atheist, but certainly the more agnostic of the two. And for him to be the one who’s primarily interacting with the angels and for the more devout one [to have taken the route Sam did], it’s interesting. And I think it’s more interesting to have the believer be [drinking demon blood]. It just pushes them both. And for the same reason, I think that, as Sam is wrestling with the demon qualities, it’ll be more interesting for him to have interaction with Castiel, the angel, next season.

That influence would be especially important now that Castiel is back in Jimmy’s body and he seems to be back to following the angel rules. Is that correct to assume that Cas has changed back and is no longer questioning authority? 
Yeah, that’s definitely what’s] going on with him. My own personal take on what happened [when Castiel left Jimmy’s body] is he was somehow tortured or very seriously rebuked and threatened when he was up in Heaven, and he now is towing the party line again. But I think that he still has some internal conflict about it, I don’t think he’s ever going to be the perfect little soldier [again], and he hasn’t been turned into a [robot] totally. So he still has a lot of the same thoughts that he used to have [before he disappeared], but he’s definitely back to being a good little soldier.

Is there any chance we might get some kind of indication on the show what happened, like a comment or a flashback of sorts?
I don’t know how they would do that, because Castiel — outside of Jimmy’s body — would be an angel, and we know that angels can’t be seen by human beings without their eyes being burned out. So if they did show that, they would have to burn out the entire viewing audience’s eyes. Which I think would be some sort of liability for the CW.

Not to mention that “Supernatural”’s viewership might take a serious hit.
Exactly. Unless they were starting to make a shift to a purely audio version of the show, like a radio play. In which case, it might actually be a good move because it would save a bundle on production costs.

All the fans could just listen to “Supernatural” on their iPod.

MC: Exactly. [Laughs] I don’t know why I’m not a network executive. These are good ideas!

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Interview de Misha Collins 7 mai 2009

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BuddyTV a interviewé Misha à propos de Castiel et de l’épisode The Rapture. Allez sur cette page pour voter pour votre épisode préféré où Misha a participé et aussi pour écouté l’enregistrement de l’interview.

‘Supernatural’ Interview: Misha Collins Talks Heavenly Torture and Summer Plans

Hi, this is John from BuddyTV and I’m talking to Misha Collins from Supernatural. How’s it going?


You just had the big episode – the big Castiel episode – « The Rapture. » What was it like getting to play a different character and explore Castiel’s back story?

It was great! It was great to get out of the trench coat for a few hours. Yeah. It was fun to play someone who actually had some emotions and interacted on a more human level for a change.

Did it help to inform anything about how you had been playing the character?

No, I don’t think so. I wish I could say « Yes! Yes, it’s all very clear to me now and I’m completely satisfied. » No. I feel like the Jimmy backstory actually – by some miracle – was something like I kind of had imagined the backstory to be – that Castiel had inhabited the vessel of a willing participant somehow, and he’d been pious and maybe a little bit of a zealot, which I think was true of Jimmy. Moving forward I think it makes it kind of complicated. Because moving forward, now I know that Jimmy is still somehow trapped inside of Castiel, and that there’s another pair of eyes watching everything from inside. That’s going to be really interesting.

We also saw Castiel take a few steps back when he came back, then. How do you feel about Castiel going back to that hard line?

I think that it gives him a lot of room to grow, which is good. I think that it ups the stakes for Castiel. It is really important for him to follow the orders of his heavenly commanders. He had been straying from the party line a bit. Now he’s back in order and I think that if he’s going to help Sam or Dean in the future it’s going to make those decisions that much more difficult. So I think it ups the stakes for him and it probably puts some distance between him and the boys. Yeah, we’ll see. We’ll see how it plays out.

It seemed watching it that Castiel is [take the party line] but he still doesn’t quite go along with that.

It’s not like he went upstairs and was lobotomizes and now he’s a totally different personality. I think he went up to heaven and he was tortured, and he was indoctrinated and now he’s back on board. But he’s still the same angel. So he’s not inherently a totally different being at this point.

Is the idea that there’s torture in Heaven something that you’ve discussed? Or is that something that you’re trying to read into it?

That is something that I am reading into it.

So you’re not really sure exactly how Heaven ‘is’ in this Supernatural world?

No, I mean, it hasn’t been any more clearly defined for me than it has for anyone else. I just operate with my imagination. But it seems like the clues kind of line up there – the way Anna talked about it being a very, very bad thing to be dragged back upstairs. The intensity with which she said that made it sound like something bad was happening to Castiel. Earlier in the season disobedience was likened in the dialogue with murder one on Earth. So it’s clear that it is hierarchical and that there are rules that are not to be broken, and there are consequences if they are. Now what those consequences are, what angelic torture looks like if it happens, I don’t know. I imagine it’s not all friendly up there on the clouds.

Yeah. We also asked some of the Supernatural fans following us on Twitter what they’d like to know. We saw the difference in the voice and the mannerisms between Castiel and Jimmy, and listening to you it sounds like Jimmy is more you. So Angie wants to know how you put on that gruff Castiel voice. Is that at all straining for you?

It’s not terribly straining. So far I’ve been able to endure. I think that my real voice is probably somewhere between the two. I pushed it to a more boyish kind of sound with Jimmy to make the contrast stronger. I made the decision early on to go with a gruff, resonant voice because it says in the first script that Castiel’s real voice was blowing out windows. And so I thought ‘Oh, okay, so he should have a very deep, serious voice.’ The character has lasted for much longer than I expected.

Do you have any plans for the summer hiatus off the show until next season starts?

Yes. I am going to go on a long bike touring trip. I am going to go to a convention in Birmingham. And I am going to go up to Vancouver and rent a house up there for next season.

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Interview de Misha Collins 6 mai 2009

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MovieWeb a interviewé Misha Collins. Pas vraiment de spoiler, juste queqlues réflexions et suppositions sur Castiel. Misha parle de la possibilité d’une saison 6 pour Supernatural! Ca redonne de l’espoir!

EXCLUSIVE: Misha Collins’ Castiel Is Set to Take Supernatural Season Four Out with a Bang!

Everyone’s favorite angel will help prevent Armageddon in the final two episodes of the season


Misha Collins plays the angel Castiel on the hugely popular CW series Supernatural. Responsible for retrieving Dean Winchester from the bowels of Hell, he was introduced at the beginning of season 4 and has gone on to help the Winchester brothers battle a wide array of both angels and demons. Castiel will play an important part in stopping the impending Apocalypse in the final two episodes of the year. In When the Levee Breaks, which airs this Thursday, Dean must seek out Castiel’s help in curbing Sam’s demon blood addiction. And then, in the season four finale Lucifer Rising, which airs on May 14th, Castiel must help Sam and Dean stop the dreaded fallen angel from destroying humanity. We recently caught up with Misha to talk with him about these two episodes, as well as the future of the show. Here is our conversation:

The Rapture was such a big episode for Castiel. At the end, we see him break his emotional ties with Dean. And he sets himself back on a path to follow the original orders from above. Does this mean we are about to see Castiel become more of a hard ass with the brothers?

Misha Collins: Yes. I think so. We are going to see Castiel become more of a hard ass in the next episode. Certainly. And that continues through the finale as well. Basically, Castiel got his ass kicked when he got taken back to heaven. He was forced to tow the party line again. I don’t know if he was brainwashed or indoctrinated. I don’t know what happened, exactly. But he came back, and he is definitely going to Castiel up these last few episodes of the season. He is forcing himself to leave his feelings and empathy with Dean and Sam aside, and just serve to follow the orders of heaven. At the same time, I think he is the same angle. I don’t think he has changed to his very core. He hasn’t been turned into a robot altogether.

With Sam going so far over to the dark side, do you think Castiel is going to step in and help Sam? Or do you think its just going to be an « Angels versus Sam » plotline?

Misha Collins: I don’t know where this story is going to go. Seeing historically how Eric Kripke has molded and shaped the story, it seems that he likes to play with extremes and opposites. Pushing Sam’s character, who used to be the good and pure, innocent, almost dull-eyed of the two brothers from the very beginning, into dealing with demons as much as possible is the most interesting arc for the Sam character. As far as I am concerned, and as far as Jared Padalecki is concerned as well. It allows him to explore a different spectrum of his own psyche. My own gut instinct is that they will never let him go too far. Because we have all grown to really love that character. I can’t imagine not having some sort of redemption for him. But again, I have no idea. No one has talked to me about it. I have no insight other than my own wishes on how I’d like to see it go.

Copy that. For the season finale, it is called Lucifer Rising. Can you talk about how Castiel fits into the plot?

Misha Collins: The finale is all about Sam and Dean doing everything possible to keep the final seal from being broken. Castiel is going to be right in there, involved in that process. Without ruining it, I don’t think I can tell you much more than that.

With so much drama happening within the circle of angels themselves, who do you think Castiel is taking orders from at this point?

Misha Collins: I think Castiel is taking orders from Zachariah, whom we have met. And other angels that are higher up on the angelic hierarchy than him. I think that Castiel still has some conflict about it internally. I think he is being a good little soldier now, and that he is following those orders.

With Sam and Dean’s father having been placed in Hell a few seasons back, and knowing that Castiel is the only one who can bring people out, do you think he will go into Hell and get John Winchester and bring him back?

Misha Collins: I don’t know about that. I haven’t talked to anyone about extricating John from Hell. Sorry. Jeffery Dean Morgan has become such a big movie star, I think it would be very expensive to bring him back from Hell.

I hear that!

Misha Collins: But then again, who knows?

Do you know what is being planned for your character in season five?

Misha Collins: I don’t know. The writers just got back into the writer’s room yesterday. And I think they are just now starting to hash out what happens with season five. I am going to be in season five. But I don’t know to what capacity. Or what my role is going to be. Yeah. I have no idea. I don’t even know if Eric knows where he is planning on taking this. I know he leaves a little room for creative latitude, and letting things evolve. But I don’t know much.

What do you know!

Misha Collins: I am a frustrating interviewee, huh? I’m like Ronald Reagan. I don’t remember and I don’t recall.

What have you heard about season five being the last season?

Misha Collins: I have heard rumblings here and there. But I have also heard that its, by no stretch of the imagination, true. Or a done deal. Or that anyone actually knows that. I think there are a lot of rumors going on. I talked to Jared and Jensen about it when we were in Australia. Basically, they said that when the show was conceived, Eric Kripe had to prove to the network that he could give them at least five years worth of a show. He told them, « I have this much of a story idea. And it will last for five years. What do you think? » And they said, « Great. You can definitely sustain that for five years. » Along that line, I think there has been some confusion. Some things have been taken out of context. It has been turned into, « It’s only five years, and its definitely ending at that point. » Nobody I have talked to has said that is the case. I think Jared and Jensen have contracts that don’t expire until season six. I don’t see any reason why it would all have to end with season five. But I am not sitting in the captain’s chair on this.

If it did come to an end, how would you like to see your character go out?

Misha Collins: Maybe with seventy virgins.

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‘Supernatural’ Video: Sam Suffers From Demon Blood Withdrawal 5 mai 2009

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Voici un article de BuddyTV à propos de l’addiction de Sam au sang de démon et de son enfermement par Dean, sa rehab forcée quoi!

Last week on Supernatural, Dean and Bobby felt forced to act after watching Sam lose control for demon blood. They lured Sam into the cellar under the false pretense that they all had to prepare for the end of the world, then they locked the door. Like any true intervention it was tough to watch. No matter what the good reason, like any true intervention Dean had to betray the confidence of his brother, humiliate him in front of someone else, and impose his will onto another adult in a strong and serious way. That’s not to say it wasn’t absolutely the right thing to do but for a righteous cause it sure looked and felt like kidnapping.
This week it gets even rougher for Sam. In a new clip from « When the Levee Breaks » released today by The CW, Sam begins to panic in his makeshift-cage when he feels something coming. He screams for help but nobody can hear him, and you can vividly sense his growing feelings of abandonment and betrayal, and the deep, fiery resentment he’s going to feel towards Dean for doing this to him. Especially when he turns around to see Alastair standing there.

Though it may look like Sam is being tortured, a closer examination reveals pretty convincingly that he’s not. He’s going through the symptoms of withdrawal – the panic, paranoia, shooting internal pains, and hallucinations. Like the world’s worst drug trip he can’t tell his emotional pain from his physical pain, and he’s so vividly imagining causes for what’s happening to him that his lucid dreams are the only reality he’s aware of.

Also like in any real intervention, Dean has to be prepared for the fact that the person he loves and relies on most may never forgive him – that they may, in fact, be successful in making him feel guilty and repentant. They may say horrible things, and the treatment may not even work long term. Since this is Supernatural those ‘things’ may be cataclysmic. Will Sam turn on Dean come the finale, betraying the person who he feels betrayed by? While his rage carry him all the way over to the darkside? Will Sam be the cause of the end of the world rather than the person stopping it, as he had intended? I can’t wait to find out.

Supernatural airs this Thursday at 9PM on The CW.

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Article sur Castiel dans l’épisode The Rapture 28 avril 2009

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Supernatural video: Has Castiel Been Fired?

castiel-300Last week Supernatural took a slightly tarter tone after several weeks of quirky, self-referential fun. Given the episode’s premise, I think it was a good compromise for Adam to actually be John’s son, but for him to never appear on camera in his mortal state. The ghoul’s revelation that Adam really was a Winchester was morbid and melancholy but also satisfying. It added to the series’ legacy without screwing up the essential formula.

This Thursday Supernatural comes back with « The Rapture, » which looks to continue the series’ return to darker, more through-line oriented stories. But that doesn’t mean the premise won’t have you scratching your chin as you wonder, « How could that happen? What’s really going on here? »

According to the CW’s official Supernatural press release, « Castiel (Misha Collins) appears to Dean (Jensen Ackles) in a dream and says he has something important to tell him but they need to meet somewhere private.  Dean and Sam (Jared Padalecki) go searching for Castiel but instead find Jimmy, Castiel’s human vessel, who has only a spotty recollection of being an angel.  Jimmy wants to return to his family and normal life, but Dean and Sam are concerned about his safety. »

The clip shows the emergence of Jimmy, and I have to say he does not ‘sound’ like Castiel. Take a look.

Part of it’s that he’s speaking with an inflection to his voice, a fairly heavy Bronx accent. He sounds both soft spoken and husky, and he looks absolutely gobsmacked.

Lots of questions come to mind. Why did Castiel vacate his host? Where did he go? When is he coming back? How did his body come to be lying in a pile of scrap metal with sparks shooting out of it? Could the angel actually be hurt? Or, worse yet, did he get the pink slip for putting the celestial agenda in jeopardy one too many times? Who was Jimmy before he was possessed by Castiel? Who will he become now that his 90 minutes of Heaven is over?

Speculate to your hearts’ content below. Then watch Supernatural Thursday at 9pm on The CW.

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Interview de Jim Beaver (partie 2) 25 avril 2009

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Voici la deuxième partie de l’interview de Jim Beaver (Bobby) faite par le site BuddyTV:

Exclusive Interview: Jim Beaver Previews Big ‘Supernatural’ Ending

beaver2Earlier this week we talked to Jim Beaver about his upcoming book, Life’s That Way: A Memoir, which chronicles his final days with his wife as she died of cancer and he prepared to raise his autistic daughter alone. BuddyTV users responded with their support. One reader said the book changed their life and another said they had cried their way through it over the weekend but found it heartwarming and happy even as it made them sad.

Today we share part two of our interview in which Jim talks about his work on Supernatural playing salt of the Earth, ghost hunting tough guy Bobby Singer. He talks about his relationship with Supernatural’s late producer Kim Manners and his future on the series.

While this book was being published, of course, you lost a good friend, Kim Manners, on the set of Supernatural. Did working on a book about the grieving process make it clearer or easier to understand your reaction?

I have to admit… While you would think having written this book on the subject I would have learned all of the lessons that I hope to pass on with it, and yet with Kim’s death it was evident to me that I hadn’t learned all of those lessons well. I didn’t reach out to Kim as much as I wanted. I fell into the same trap I fell into with my wife and that was thinking there was more time. I will always carry a sense of regret about that, that I didn’t spend more time with him or talk to him more. He was very, very dear to me and his loss was a shock – an even bigger shock than I think I would have expected because, like I say,  I thought there would be more time. But I also learned that guilt is not a very production emotion and that there are ways of dealing with that guilt, even with the person you’ve lost. Just because they’re gone doesn’t mean you can’t apologize to them, and just because they’re gone doesn’t mean you can’t forgive them for difficulties they’ve caused. Completing a relationship like that is an amazing way to rid yourself of the great pain involving grieving. I go into that with a little more detail in the book. But it was a very powerful lesson to me, one I probably wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t gone through this.

Going to Supernatural, then, you’re returning now for the final couple of episodes of this season. I’m wondering if you can give us a preview of what it was like coming back to finish out this season, and what Bobby’s role is in the end game of this season.

Well, it’s always great going back to Supernatural. I never really felt like I was away – part of it because I was in town shooting Harper’s Island and I saw the guys every so often even when I wasn’t working, but also because Bobby’s only been in six or seven episodes per season the past few years. I actually did seven this year. Even though I was off doing another show I kept up my quota. But it’s always a joy going back there. It’s such a family feeling on that set. I dig working with the crew guys so much. They’re such terrific people. And Jared and Jensen of course are just a blast to be around. So all of that is fairly typical and isn’t terribly different from any other time I’ve gone back after being away a few episodes. As for the wrap up of this season, yeah, Bobby’s back for the Final Three and there’s some pretty powerful stuff that happens. Most of it involves – from my point of view – Bobby and Dean trying to come to terms with Sam’s addiction to demon blood, which, you know, that’s not a good thing. No addiction is a good but demon blood – that’s really one of the worst. Bobby and Dean kind of end up nose-to-nose over how to handle the issue. I think fans are going to find some really dramatic stuff there. There’s some big surprises coming. I wish I could tell you what they were but Eric Kripke would leap through the phone itself and rip my vocal chords out.

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Deuxième trailer épisode 420 The Rapture 25 avril 2009

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Pauvre Cas’… Ces abrutis vont nous l’abîmer!!!!! GRRRRRRRR

Clip épisode 420 The Rapture 24 avril 2009

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Trailer épisode 420 The Rapture 24 avril 2009

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La qualité n’est pas terrible désolée!

Interview de Jim Beaver 23 avril 2009

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The actor isn’t sure if season five will be the popular CW show’s last year

While chatting with Supernatural‘s Jim Beaver about his new memoir Life’s That Way, we got him to spill a little bit of information on the final three episodes of his popular CW series. It seems that Bobby Singer will be present throughout the finale, but he’s not quite sure what is going to happen with season five. Here is what the popular character actor had to say about the series’ immediate future:

This has been a very busy time for you, with the book coming out and two series on the air. How tough has it been to juggle all three at one time?

Jim Beaver: Even good stress is stress. That is a bit of an issue. The fact is that I am wonderfully blessed to have all of this happening at once. Sometimes my schedule is a little difficult to juggle. I am very happy working. I have a great time when I am at work. I love what I do so much. The book has been a lot of work. There has been some emotional stress to go back through all of this. But I am really happy. And it has been a wonderful bit of synchronicity to have the shows and the book all at peak points of interest all at the same time.

Bobby Singer is more popular now than ever before. What role does he play in the upcoming season finale, and will we be seeing him next year? Also, how do you feel about the show coming to an end with season five?

Jim Beaver: I don’t know too much about next year. Or what they have planned for the show. There was some scuttlebutt on the set about the end of the series. But that often times doesn’t play out. I haven’t really heard anything definitive from the powers that be about the future of the show. I know that Bobby is back for the final three episodes of this season. There is some really strong stuff there were Dean and Bobby are trying to get Sam to kick his demon blood addiction. There is some really powerful stuff in the relationship between the three. As to how things wrap up? Well, when you are a character on Supernatural, you can get killed and come back. When you are an actor on it, and you spill too many beans, they can kill you and you don’t get to come back. There is only a little bit about what I can say in regards to how things wind down. It’s been such a trip being on this show. It was very much under my own personal radar when I first joined it. It was just another job. I had no idea that it had the kind of fan support that it does. And that has certainly increased year by year. Boy, they have been so wonderful to me. After toiling in obscurity for many years, it is incredibly satisfying and gratifying to have the kind of fan support they managed to come up with on this show.

Did you ever think that purple gloves and a dirty trucker hat would become your signature? And do you think they are deserving of a place in history as a film and television historian?

Jim Beaver: I am not sure how to answer that. I never took it for granted. I never thought anyone would remember what I did for long. If anybody remembers any of this stuff a year from now, I will be pleasantly surprised.

The final four Supernatural season 4 episodes begin airing this Thursday at 9 pm, only on the CW. Bobby Singer makes his return in the April 30th episode The Rapture.

Source Movieweb