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Interview de Misha Collins 6 décembre 2009

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Attention, quelques spoilers!

Misha Collins parle de comment la mort de Jo et Ellen sera ressentie par les personnages, confirme que Jensen Ackles ne pourra pas diriger le tournage du 100ème épisode, avoue qu’il ne sait pas sous quelle forme apparaîtra Dieu, donne quelques spoilers sur un épisode à venir (certainement l’épisode 13 Back To The Future II), et nous donne un peu d’espoir concernant la saison 6!!!


Q&A: Supernatural’s renegade angel Castiel

The show’s just gone on hiatus with a very emotional episode. We heard rumors that somebody was going to die – were you ever worried it would be you?
« No I wasn’t because I’ve signed on for the year and if they killed me in the middle of the year it would be wasting a lot of money because they would still have to pay me! I think purely economic factors weighed in and assuaded my fears! »

How do the deaths affect the group?
« Castiel didn’t have a terribly close relationship with the people who died so he probably takes it in his stride a lot more than Sam and Dean. But I think for everybody it hits close to home that we are losing members of our inner circle and that’s quite sobering. »

We have the 100th episode coming up next year – any ideas what will happen?
« I have no idea! They send out a synopsis of the scripts that are coming up about three weeks in advance so that’s about as far reaching as my horizon goes. I don’t know how the season ends or what happens two months from now. All I know is that Warner Brothers is supposed to splurge for a big party so I’m expecting some good drinks! »

There have been rumors that Jensen could be directing the episode…
« I’ve heard that and I think it’s a lie. I think that rumour has been officially stamped out, but I may be wrong. I can’t imagine he would because a director has to do pre-production, which is a full-time job for a week, and then post-production which takes part of another week. He could direct an episode that he was in, set the cameras up and go stand on the other side, but for him not to be in the previous week or the following week is tough because he’s pretty much in everything! I think that’s the limiting factor that keeps him from directing. »

Would you like to try your hand at directing an episode?
« I would love to at some point but I definitely don’t think it’s in the horizon for this season. »

One thing fans are desperate to know is whether God will ever appear – what are your thoughts?
« I don’t know but I have heard rumors that God will appear. I have no idea what form God would take, whether they would just do a booming voice or whether they would do something else. They could cast any number of odd characters for the role of God. I’m lobbying for Miley Cyrus! »

Well you got Paris Hilton this season so it’s not impossible…
« Yes, that’s right! Paris Hilton could be recurring as God! That would be great! »

So you don’t know what’s coming up later in the season, but what can you tell us about your three-week horizon?
« Right now we’re working on an episode where we go back to 1978 and meet a young Mary and young John – the parents of Sam and Dean. It’s a pretty intense mythology episode where basically someone is travelling back in time to try to kill them and prevent Sam and Dean from being born, thereby heading off the apocalypse. We go back in time to try to save the parents so Sam and Dean live. »

What’s the situation about a possible sixth season as you know it?
« I think ‘knowing’ is a strong word in respect to season six! I don’t know anything but the rumors I hear are that it probably is going to happen. I know that Jensen and Jared’s contracts are for six years so they are contractually available for another year. From what I have heard on the grapevine it sounds like Eric [Kripke] will probably be around for another year but I’m not sure about that. »

Source: Digitalspy



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