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Spoiler Latest From Kristin 22 décembre 2009

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Mose in Idaho: What’s the word on Supernatural? Thanks for all the scoop last week.
No prob. I’m hearing that Sam and Dean will die and go to heaven. Yes, you heard me right. We will see heaven! (Which is funny ’cause I always assumed heaven would look a lot like Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.)

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Titre de l’épisode 17 19 décembre 2009

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L’épisode 17 de la saison 5 s’appellera:  

Your Time Is Gonna Come.

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Spoilers Watch With Kristin 15 décembre 2009

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Jason in Palm Springs, Calif.: Supernatural! So happy it’s going into syndication.
Happy zombies! Sam and Dean find a town where everyone’s loved ones come back to life as zombies but they’re nice, friendly, non-brain-eating zombies…oh, and one of them is Bobby’s dead wife.

Jamie in Rochester, N.Y.: This is a Supernatural question. I’m a Sam girl, and I was wondering if you had any scoop about him?
Even though Sam is supposed to be on the wagon with his powers, we will see him use them again before the end of Supernatural season five. (Dean’s not gonna be happy about that!) In other Supernatural news, we’ll be meeting another horseman of the apocalypse (Famine, this time, rather than War), and the Prophet Chuck will definitely be back, although probably not in the company of his Supernatural-fangirl girlfriend.

Source: E!online

Trailer promo épisode 11 Sam, Interrupted 12 décembre 2009

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Appel de casting épisode 16 The Dark Side Of The Moon 12 décembre 2009

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Le titre de l’épisode était Your Whole Life Flashes Before Your Eyes, visiblement ils ont changé d’avis!

[JOSHUA] This benevolent — dignified, very Zen man in his 50’s-70’s is inflappable, simple, but not insincere. A Morgan Freemen type vibe. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. GUEST STAR

Source: SpoilerTV

Spoiler TV Guide sur l’épisode 514 My Bloody Valentine 6 décembre 2009

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The CW’s Supernatural has invited Cupid to come visit the Winchester brothers for Valentine’s Day. The show is currently casting the little winged cherub for a February episode titled, (what else?) « My Bloody Valentine. » (Guess that’s better than « Valentine’s Day Massacre »)

The mythical character is described as being « doughy, out of shape and naked » and greets everyone with enormous bear hugs. Well, how are Sam and Dean going to react to receiving hugs from a big naked fat man? And what brave actor’s going to actually respond to that call? I’m thinking Eric Stonestreet would be perfect if he weren’t already tied up on Modern Family. Nathan Lane would also fit the bill. Who else do you picture in the role? And if Cupid’s coming to the show, how do you hope he’ll influence Sam and Dean’s love lives?

P.S. The episode will also feature one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, a withered and nasty old character named Famine. Sounds like he could use a big Cupid hug!

Cupidon promet d’être très intéressant! Surtout s’il s’attaque à Dean! Famine, lui, semble beaucoup moins réjouissant!!!!

Source: TV Guide Magazine

Interview de Misha Collins et Julie McNiven 6 décembre 2009

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Attention les acteurs livrent des spoilers sur l »épisode 13 Back To The Future II!

We’re only two weeks into ‘Supernatural’s’ winter hiatus and many self-confessed Super-fans are already feeling separation anxiety; lucky for you, Inside TV has an exclusive spoiler fix to whet your appetites before the Winchesters make their ass-kicking return in an all-new episode on Jan. 21.

We recently caught up with ‘Supernatural’s’ most heavenly creatures, Misha Collins and Julie McNiven, to find out what we can expect from their angelic alter-egos next year. Fans of Collins’ enigmatic Castiel shouldn’t get too excited, though; heaven’s latest dropout can’t tell us too much about the first two episodes after hiatus — he isn’t in either of them!

« I’m off for two episodes, » he admits, typically coy on the subject of spoilers. « We’re shooting [episode] 13 and I’m in it, but I don’t know how much I can tell you … » But the real reason for his reticence soon emerges: « I can’t remember what happens in this episode at all, my mind’s a blank. »

We’re quite happy to jog his memory. The episode, titled « Back to the Future II, » actually features a rather more ‘Terminator’ plot line than anything involving Doc Brown. Julie McNiven’s rogue angel Anna reportedly makes a reappearance and, blaming Sam (Jared Padalecki) for jump starting the apocalypse, travels back in time in an attempt to kill the young John and Mary Winchester (the roles being reprised, we assume, by Amy Gumenick and Matt Cohen rather than Samantha Smith and the delicious Jeffrey Dean Morgan) before they can spawn poor, oblivious baby Sammy. Naturally, grown up Sam and Dean (Jensen Ackles) aren’t too crazy about the idea of being wiped out of existence before they’re even born, so they take a ride back to the past with Castiel to stop Anna from doing the deed. The time-travel apparently results in some killer nosebleeds and fainting spells for both our halo-wearers, but that’s another issue entirely – Collins even teases that Castiel « barely makes it » ou! t of the episode alive; could it have something to do with his going « head-to-head » with McNiven’s Anna?

And what is McNiven’s response to these wild accusations? She’s every bit as cagey as Collins, but she’s at least willing to try and justify Anna’s somewhat shady perspective. « Everything Anna does is motivated by wanting to do the right thing, wanting to do what she feels is going to keep this apocalypse from happening, » she clarifies. « I see Anna as always doing what she thinks is right and she’s very strong about that and doesn’t want to hear anything otherwise. So that’s all I’ll say about that! »

McNiven is clearly enthusiastic about the episode, assuring the fans, « you won’t be let down. There’s lots of fun throws and tosses and a little bit of hand-to-hand combat, which I was so excited to do — it’s a lot of fun. » Judging by the hints McNiven drops, the door will be left open for Anna to return at the end of the episode, though the actress knows better than to guess at her character’s longevity.

« When you’re a recurring character — Anna doesn’t have to play a part in the apocalypse, » she reasons lightly. « It’s great to be there and I, of course, want to come back but I understand that the story is coming to a close and the story’s not about me … But there could easily be a spin-off or something, right? »

We suggest that perhaps she and Collins could form an angelic crime-fighting duo? « Yeah! » she nods enthusiastically. « We can call it ‘Cas and Anna: The First 1,000 Years.’ We could have like, 25 seasons. »

Sources: AOL et SpoilerTV

Interview de Misha Collins 6 décembre 2009

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Attention, quelques spoilers!

Misha Collins parle de comment la mort de Jo et Ellen sera ressentie par les personnages, confirme que Jensen Ackles ne pourra pas diriger le tournage du 100ème épisode, avoue qu’il ne sait pas sous quelle forme apparaîtra Dieu, donne quelques spoilers sur un épisode à venir (certainement l’épisode 13 Back To The Future II), et nous donne un peu d’espoir concernant la saison 6!!!


Q&A: Supernatural’s renegade angel Castiel

The show’s just gone on hiatus with a very emotional episode. We heard rumors that somebody was going to die – were you ever worried it would be you?
« No I wasn’t because I’ve signed on for the year and if they killed me in the middle of the year it would be wasting a lot of money because they would still have to pay me! I think purely economic factors weighed in and assuaded my fears! »

How do the deaths affect the group?
« Castiel didn’t have a terribly close relationship with the people who died so he probably takes it in his stride a lot more than Sam and Dean. But I think for everybody it hits close to home that we are losing members of our inner circle and that’s quite sobering. »

We have the 100th episode coming up next year – any ideas what will happen?
« I have no idea! They send out a synopsis of the scripts that are coming up about three weeks in advance so that’s about as far reaching as my horizon goes. I don’t know how the season ends or what happens two months from now. All I know is that Warner Brothers is supposed to splurge for a big party so I’m expecting some good drinks! »

There have been rumors that Jensen could be directing the episode…
« I’ve heard that and I think it’s a lie. I think that rumour has been officially stamped out, but I may be wrong. I can’t imagine he would because a director has to do pre-production, which is a full-time job for a week, and then post-production which takes part of another week. He could direct an episode that he was in, set the cameras up and go stand on the other side, but for him not to be in the previous week or the following week is tough because he’s pretty much in everything! I think that’s the limiting factor that keeps him from directing. »

Would you like to try your hand at directing an episode?
« I would love to at some point but I definitely don’t think it’s in the horizon for this season. »

One thing fans are desperate to know is whether God will ever appear – what are your thoughts?
« I don’t know but I have heard rumors that God will appear. I have no idea what form God would take, whether they would just do a booming voice or whether they would do something else. They could cast any number of odd characters for the role of God. I’m lobbying for Miley Cyrus! »

Well you got Paris Hilton this season so it’s not impossible…
« Yes, that’s right! Paris Hilton could be recurring as God! That would be great! »

So you don’t know what’s coming up later in the season, but what can you tell us about your three-week horizon?
« Right now we’re working on an episode where we go back to 1978 and meet a young Mary and young John – the parents of Sam and Dean. It’s a pretty intense mythology episode where basically someone is travelling back in time to try to kill them and prevent Sam and Dean from being born, thereby heading off the apocalypse. We go back in time to try to save the parents so Sam and Dean live. »

What’s the situation about a possible sixth season as you know it?
« I think ‘knowing’ is a strong word in respect to season six! I don’t know anything but the rumors I hear are that it probably is going to happen. I know that Jensen and Jared’s contracts are for six years so they are contractually available for another year. From what I have heard on the grapevine it sounds like Eric [Kripke] will probably be around for another year but I’m not sure about that. »

Source: Digitalspy

Appel de casting épisode 515 My Bloody Valentine 4 décembre 2009

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Titres des épisodes 511 à 516 3 décembre 2009

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5.11: Sam, Interrupted
5.12: Swap Meat
5.13: Back to the Future II
5.14: My Bloody Valentine
5.15: Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid
5.16: Your Whole Life Flashes Before Your Eyes
Sources: CW et SpoilerTV