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Interview de Jim Beaver 29 octobre 2009

Posted by lololita in 2009, Spoilers, Supernatural.
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Our resident Supernatural expert Lara Martin hooked up with Jim Beaver, who plays the brothers’ ever-reliable mentor, to find out more.

This week’s episode is a big one for Bobby – he ends up getting in a bit of trouble. Can you talk us through what happens?
« Bobby basically decides to engage in a very high stakes game of poker which has a drastic affect on his age. Sam and Dean have to run in and save him from the fire. »

I’ve read elsewhere that you’re going to be in more episodes this season than any other season. Does this mean Bobby is going to be quite pivotal?
« I don’t know if pivotal is the word I would use. There’s nothing in the scripts I have read so far that I would describe as ‘pivotal’ for Bobby. I think the next episode is an important one for Bobby in terms of storytelling. Also episode ten is powerful and the fans will be left reeling. »

Source: Full Interview at Digital Spy



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