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Ellen est de retour! 28 juillet 2009

Posted by lololita in 2009, Spoilers, Supernatural.
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Ellen Harvelle de la saison 2 sera de retour cette année! On peut supposer que sa fille Jo reviendra aussi!

C’est l’actrice Samantha Harris qui annonce son come back dans la série.

Yep, it’s official………Ellen is back.

Actually it was official a while back but you don’t want to jinx these things.

Very psyched! It feels like forever and i am thrilled to be back with the boys and the crew and the show. Although it will be a little bittersweet without Kim Manners there. I’m sure he is rockin’ out in another dimension somewhere looking down at us thinking, « poor bastards », with a smile on his face.

Apart from a convention here and there i haven’t actually seen Les Freres Winchester in quite some time and am really looking forward to it…… as well as kicking some ass. See if we can get some of that in there, too. I’ll do my best.

Nope. Not giving any details. Sorry. Wouldn’t be prudent. But i will say this…

There might be some salt…..maybe a demon or two……and a whoooole lotta bad s**t going on. There. I’m sure i have totally shed light on the situation for you. (Aren’t there things called spoilers for that?)

Yeehaw. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Also, there is talk of doing a convention in Spain next summer, which would be very cool as i a have never been to spain. We’ll see if it works out.

Hope yer well.


Sources: SpoilerTV et SamanthaHarris.net



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