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Interview de Jensen Ackles et Jared Padalecki 12 juin 2009

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Les deux acteurs parlent de la saison 4 et révèlent quelque spetits secrets de tournages. Mais aucun spoiler sur la saison 5!

Firstly, since Jensen got up on stage at the beginning of the event to warn everyone that his injured eye (as you can in the image on the right) was the result of Lasik (laser-assisted) surgery and not because Jared had thumped him, it made sense for me to ask him later: The Winchester brothers have had a lot more fighting this season, especially with each other – we know these scenes are carefully choreographed, but have you ever…connected?

« Oh yeah! » he says, laughing. « It’s one of those things where it’s such a detailed dance essentially if you make a wrong step it can be bad. » Jared adds: « You get an adrenaline rush when you’re doing a fight scene and it’s like… Cool! »

Jensen recalls: « In Monster Movie with Dracula, he was supposed to be elbowing me in the face and after the first couple of times it connected. I’m pretty sure it’s on the gag reel. There he is, doing his Dracula voice (the actor, Todd Stashwick) ‘I vant to suck your blooood’ kind of thing and then he pops me one – and he says, ‘Oh man, you OK?’ There was some real blood you know! »

Speaking of monster movies, Jared was asked if there was anything that really spooked him or other members of the cast on set.

« You end up being super-aware of all the things around you – cameras, crew and things. I can get scary for some of the kids involved because an episode such as Hell House has a lot of monsters in prosthetics wandering around set. »

« The only thing I get scared of is when I get tied up. In Jump the Shark I’m tied up and when that happens you feel very vulnerable. I guess it makes you act better by default because you’re already uncomfortable. And sure, the crew play pranks and walk away. »

Nor did he enjoy being tied up in a magic set for the episode, Chris Angel is a Douchebag. « They had a real magic trick with supposedly real swords. Of course they’re not real but they are hard and they could have cut me if it went wrong. But again I was tied up and it’s still scary. »

Famous for pulling pranks with Jensen on other cast and crew members, Jared particularly enjoyed Sam’s demonic moments because he got to wear the black eyes. « Once they were in, I didn’t want to take them out again until we were done so I’d walk up to somebody and they’re all, ‘hey, how you doin », until they notice and then they go ‘Oh My GOD!’ I just walk around and have a good time. »

He does admit that there was one scene he just couldn’t go through with: « In Yellow Fever there’s a 20ft python. In the beginning I held it up and even took a picture with it. But when it came to filming it when Jensen and I were supposed to be sitting on a couch together and it slithers over, I just went – GAAAAAH! I had to escape. At first it’s Dean and Sam on the couch and it’s supposed to scare Dean, but they ended up having to change the scene to just Dean. I just couldn’t sit there. »

So from bees and spiders in Season one’s bugs episode, to a 20ft python in Season Four’s Yellow Fever, there really is no situation that Jared won’t put himself in for the sake of his art. But is there anything that would hold Jensen back?

« Not much! » But for the notoriously cool Dean, it’s deeply uncool clothes rather than scary situations (Yellow Fever excepted!) that provide the challenge. In particular he cringes slightly at the thought of Monster Movie and being tied up in those delightful lederhosen. « Yes they were real lederhosen. Bob Singer directed that episode and he comes up with a lot of the funny stuff. »

Singer was the one who allowed the Eye of the Tiger blooper from Yellow Fever to run and run. It has entered into You Tube legend and Jensen pulls off what can only be described as some mighty fine leg guitar.

« Mostly I try and take it over the top. Like with the gym coach in After School Special. I wasn’t supposed to have the headband or such tight shorts. But, I said if we’re going to do this, we’re going to go all the way… »

Jensen relates a moment in the same episode where he somewhat aggressively takes a schoolkid out with a basketball: « I asked if there were any volunteers to take a hit in the stomach from me and a few hands shot up. Naturally, I picked the scrawniest kid I could find. I did ask if he was OK with it and if he wanted me to give him a practice shot to see what it felt like, but he was like ‘Nah!’. So I said, OK, I’m going to throw this hard, you could go down… I took his legs clean out from under him! »

Finally, it can’t have escaped your notice that the Winchester lads are more than physically up to the task. It’s common knowledge that Jared is something of a fitness fanatic and regularly lifts weights and runs with his dogs. But, he claims, Jensen is nowhere near as dedicated. Combine this with the fact that one of Dean’s ‘things’ is that he’s always eating, so it exercises the female mind – just how does he stay so, ahem, fit?

« Early on, they had me chew something so I took it and thought, I can make something of this. The directors and writers liked it and so they made me eat more! I’ve got a very good relationship with the props people who prepare the food for me. They cook a whole batch of hamburgers up for just one scene – it’s take after take after take so they’ve probably got about 30 of them lined up.

« Depending on the scene there are half a dozen shots and three or four takes per shot. Sometimes I’ll take a bite and just chew throughout the scene so that when they yell cut, I can just spit the whole thing out. »

Damn, I knew I was going wrong somewhere…

Source: Conventrytelegraph



1. Emma - 12 juin 2009

This blog’s really quite intersting.. Thankyou 🙂

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