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Interview de Misha Collins 15 mai 2009

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PopWrap: Tonight’s season finale looks to be rather epic. Where do we find Castiel tonight?
Misha Collins: Well, he’s caught between a rock and a hard place. He’s being asked to do things that don’t really sit well with him. But it’s the ultimate test of his devotion to the heavens.

PW: Castiel has been something of a mystery all year long. Has he done anything that’s surprised even you?
Misha: Well, there was that time early on when he smirked — discovering any hints of humanity within him has been really interesting for me. And his see-sawing between being a good obedient solider and striking out on his own has given me a lot of fun stuff to play with.
PW: Was that smirk something that was written on the page or your idea?
Misha: I think that was a moment I brought to the scene … but my memory might not be serving me well, I could be plagiarizing.

 PW: That’s your right as an actor, steal the writer’s ideas!
Misha: That’s right! Not only was that my invention, but I also wrote the episode! [laughs]

PW: Coming into this role, how much did you know about who Castiel was?
Misha: Very little. I knew that there would be a good angel/bad angel vibe but I think with « Supernatural » there is a lot of danger in assuming that a character is going to be one thing — they’ll always turn out to be something else.

PW: Do you believe Castiel is good or bad?
Misha: I think at his core he’s good. And the rug hasn’t been totally pulled out from under me yet, so that’s a relief. But at the same time, I have not known much of anything, he could turn out to be evil at any point.

PW: True, it’s not like he reveals lots of personal info
Misha: Right. It’s all very abstract word of god info — dialogue that’s real easy to phone in! But it’s been cool to see this character, who initially seemed like a bit of a robot, with no emotions of feelings, become such a dynamic character with room for growth.

 PW: And he’s really been embraced by the show’s hardcore fans — which is good because genre fans can be a little nuts. Take it from one.
Misha: Um … I think a little nuts is an understatement.

PW: Some have even gone as far to say the addition of your character revitalized the show
Misha: That’s a huge compliment, so I’ll take it. In addition to writing and acting in all the episodes, I’m also single-handedly the ratings’ boost. The CW would have folded without me!

PW: Right, it was your idea to bring back « 90210 » and « Melrose Place » also, right?
Misha: Yeah, they didn’t like the ideas in the first few meetings, but eventually they came around!PW: Well, since you have such pull, can you convince everyone to keep the show going beyond next year?
Misha: Well, honestly, I’m not sure next year will be the last. I think that may have just made for a juicer story. My understanding is that Eric [Kripke, creator] originally pitched the show with a five-year plan and I think a lot of people took that to mean « only five years. » That’s not my understanding — if the story wraps up and everyone wants to walk away, alright. But from what I’ve heard from Eric, Jared [Padalecki] and Jensen [Ackles] is that they’re open to any possibilities.

PW: Plus, how bummed would you feel having joined three years in?
Misha: Honestly, I would feel jipped! If it were up to me, « Supernatural » would go on for much longer. But sadly it’s the only thing I’m not in charge of.

 PW: With all the focus on higher powers, I wonder if there will come a point when the show has to present its vision of what God looks like?
Misha: Honestly, I think that would be tricky to pull off well. God would probably be best left in the abstraction.

PW: Who would you cast?
Misha: Hmm, Morgan Freeman? I don’t think he’s the right God for us

PW: Yeah, he’s not nearly gritty enough — maybe Henry Rollins?
Misha: Maybe, or Miley Cyrus!

PW: Casting Miley Cyrus as God might be what brings about the Apocalypse you’ve been talking about all season.
Misha: [laughs] Right, even in the real world!

PW: You threw fans for a loop earlier this year when you played Manny Skerrit, a very bendy client on « Nip/Tuck. » How did that role come about?
Misha: Well, my agent called and asked, « Are you flexible? » And I really am. In high school we had these physical fitness tests and I was the most flexible boy in the history of my school! So it was a prerequisite for being hired and then I spent the next week hunched over in pain.

PW: So that was mostly all you?
Misha: Yup, not my proudest moment on film. I was actually gratified to know that my grandmother mistakenly taped Fox instead of FX that night, so she missed it.

 PW: Perhaps « gratified » isn’t the best wording?
Mischa: Oh my, good catch!

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