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Interview de Jim Beaver 8 mai 2009

Posted by lololita in 2009, Supernatural.
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Vicki in Brazil: On Supernatural, do Jared and Jensen treat you as an uncle figure offscreen as well as on, or do they prank you as they apparently do everyone else?
Those aren’t exactly oppositional questions! But, no, they don’t treat me like an uncle. They treat me like a friend. I never get any sense that they think I’m older and wiser. [Laughs.] We’re just three guys doing a job that we love and we enjoy each other’s company. They haven’t pranked me much, just once maybe twice, and I don’t know if that’s because they’re scared of me, but I don’t think that’s true. Maybe I just don’t give them enough reaction, but I will say, oh my gosh, I love working with Jared and Jensen! They’re just absolute hoots to be with, and we get along great. They’re sweet, smart guys and they’re good at what they do and that’s what I look for in a colleague.

Grahame in Washington, D.C.: What’s Bobby’s current feeling about the angels?
Bobby’s got a certain wait and see quality about him. I think probably he doesn’t accept everything at face value but he’s willing to go along until the facts prove him wrong or prove that he should take another look at things. I think he’s kind of willing to accept the angels as allies and make use of them, as long as nothing signals that he should change that opinion.

Patrice in Evansville, Ind.: Lately there’s been a lot of talk about how being close to the Winchesters can be dangerous to one’s health. Is Bobby in especial danger—could he become a target?
I think there’s probably something to that. I hadn’t given much thought to that aspect but the fact is that when you’re a solo hunter all you’ve really got to look out is for yourself. When your job description includes getting two hotheaded young guys out of various situations then regardless of your personal feelings for them, it’s going to be dangerous. You’ve got to have eyes in the back of your head if you’re keeping eyes on the two guys.

Source SpoilerTV et E!Online



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