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Supernatural Scoop: Get Ready for the Apocalypse 5 mai 2009

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TVguide a interviewé Eric Kripke, le créateur de Supernatural, sur la fin de saison et l’apocalypse. Pas mal de spoilers, pas très précis mais c’est déjà ça!

Want to know what’s up with the Winchester Brothers? We asked Supernatural creator Eric Kripke to spill some secrets about the last two episodes of the truly scary heading-toward-the-Apocalypse fourth season. Here’s his exclusive scoop for TV Guide Magazine.

What are the major confrontations in these last two episodes?
OK, a spoiler because I love you: Dean [Jensen Ackles] and Uncle Bobby [Jim Beaver] learn about Sam’s little demon blood addiction. They’re understandably horrified, but instead of having yet another argument with Sam [Jared Padalecki], they take action. Drastic action. Action that will drive a wedge between Sam and Dean.

Uber-demon Lilith told Sam that she was not going to survive long enough for the “good parts” of the Apocalypse. Sam is obsessed with killing her. How do Dean and Bobby feel about that?
I don’t think anyone has a problem with killing Lilith. It’s how Sam wants to kill her that’s troubling–it’s the copious amounts of demon blood that he’s knocking back. I think Dean and Bobby want to kill Lilith and save the world, they just don’t want to forfeit Sam’s soul in the process.

Does Sam’s demon pal Ruby play a role in these episodes?
Yes, she plays a large role in the final episodes. Sam and Dean split up, basically, and so Sam joins Ruby on a final run to kill Lilith, while Dean is hanging out with the Angels, trying to do the same.

What will the angel Castiel and his boss Zacharias be up to?
They’ll be preparing Dean for his final, destined role in this battle. The Apocalypse is coming down to the wire, and it’s time for Dean to play his part. While we’re on the subject, besides Zach and Cass, a lot of the Angel gang are coming back–Anna makes an appearance, and even the Prophet Chuck pops in for a bit.

Is it true that there are some major deaths in the finale? How many?
Yes. Some major deaths. More than one, less than 12.

Since Dean already died, is it Sam’s turn?
Nope. Sam lives for this one. We were getting a little tired with killing and resurrecting our guys–at least for now–they may die again sometime next season, who knows.

How will the deaths affect the storyline next season?
In a very big way.

Will there be that promised great confrontation between Sam and Dean? Should we expect a major rift between the brothers by the end of the season finale?
Yes, there will be a huge confrontation, bridges burnt, and a seemingly insurmountable chasm between the guys. But it will happen before the end of the finale. We’ll deal with some of the repercussions of their split before the season’s out. Just to torture our fans.

Last season’s wow cliffhanger ended with Dean dying. Is there a cliffhanger this season? If so, any teasers?
Yes, there will be a big cliffhanger that will set the stage for season 5. I can’t say what it is, but it ain’t good. Stay tuned.

Source TVGuide



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