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Article à propos de la suite de Supernatural 30 avril 2009

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E!Online a pu poser quelques question à un des producteurs de la série, Ben Edlund.

L’article parle de ‘addiction de Sam au sang de démon, de l’avenir de Castiel dans la série, de la bataille entre le bien de le mal, de la libération de Lucifer et de Ruby et Anna.


Supernatural: Will Sam Go Evil?

Ah, Thursday. It’s the best/worst day of TV, and one of the things that makes it such a pleasure/burden for us is the thrill of Supernatural, which (buried though it is in a grueling time slot with The Office, Grey’s Anatomy and CSI) continues to be one of the standouts of the night, and heck, of the week.

As SPN barrels toward its season-four finale, we thought it fit to chat up writer-producer Ben Edlund about what to expect. Read on to find out what he told us exclusively about Sam’s blood addiction finally catching up to him and about where Cas fits in to the series’ future…

Good or Evil? At this point, the question of Sam’s morality remains open, but Edlund reveals that Sammeh’s blood addiction has consequences that are out of his control: « The model of an addict bottoming out and becoming basically something else, almost a creature of reflex, is one of the things he’s going to have to face. And that’s going to make trouble for Dean and Sam—they don’t agree on this particular issue. Dean’s not happy about it. » Creature of reflex, huh? Love the idea of a more animalistic Sam and of Dean having to do something about it!

Angel Baby: As promised late last year, Castiel (Misha Collins) will be a regular in season five, but Edlund says we don’t have to worry about the new addition throwing off the balance between the Winchesters. According to Edlund, « He’s not going to be Joe Pesci to Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in the back seat going, ‘Ah, guys! I’m hungry now! Let’s go eat!’ Cas already has his own mode of transportation—he already gets around pretty fast. » Long story short, SPN didn’t turn into a wacky buddy comedy while you weren’t looking. Says Edlund, « I don’t imagine that it’s going to be three guys in a car with a baby. Although it’s good to throw something cute into season five. Maybe a puppy. Or an evil kitten that they keep in the glove box. » (And we shall call that kitten Moe…)

The Dark Is Rising: According to Edlund, everything we’ve seen over this past, amazing season is really just a setup: « This season is a stage-setting season for next season, » which, of course, is the war between dark and light. Says Edlund, « I don’t want to go too far into the details of what happens when two forces clash…Look at this season as buildup to something even bigger that, of course, I cannot talk about or [show runner] Eric [Kripke] would be mad at me. » And who will be the enemies in that war? Per Edlund, « Lilith is still a problem. At least Sam and Dean are dealing with her presence in the world as a problem. This is a show about averting the Apocalypse. »

The Big Guy: Lilith is still kicking around, but according to Edlund, it’s her boss who’s really the problem: « Lucifer is more of an awe-inspiring force. There’s such a massiveness to the power and the danger represented by that being. Insinuation will be our model. » Basically, we’ll know he’s there, but we might not get to see him until the very end…

The Ladies: For those of you worried that Ruby and/or Anna will be hanging around more rather than less in season five, Edlund has some consoling words for you: « For my own two cents, I don’t feel like this is a story about either of these two guys finding love. They’re not at that phase in their lives. It’s about two guys gearing up for and hoping to avert the Apocalypse. So dating is not utmost. »

Source E!Online



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