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Spoilers 25 mars 2009

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The « Ghostfacers » will be back in tomorrow’s episode, where Dean and Sam get lost in an alternate world. Dean and Sam call on the Ghostfacers for help, because they’re « the two most reliable ghost-hunters in all of ghost-hunterdom, » says actor A.J. Buckley. The Ghostfacers don’t help Dean and Sam get back to reality — they’re more like « goofy shamans » who are well-intentioned. But Dean and Sam and Ed and Harry never see eye-to-eye. [TV Guide]

Jim Beaver, who plays Bobby, told Eyecon that both Dean and Sam will have upcoming scenes with Bobby where they cry. And Bobby’s only scene in the season finale is at the start of the episode, but it’s similar in feeling — if not in storyline — to « All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2. » [Dean_Sam]

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